We were tasked with redesigning Hobgoblin, one of the original craft beers, for the first time in the brand’s 31-year history in order to make it more accessible to new consumers.

In navigating the fine line between retaining the loyalty of the existing customer base and attracting the next generation of consumers, the rebrand of the iconic Hobgoblin was one of the most challenging projects I have worked on to date.

We stripped back the branding to reveal amore contemporary look. The legendary Hobgoblin character is an essential part of its identity and we wanted to simplify the brand while retaining its mythical associations. The result is a bold and exciting change for Hobgoblin.


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I saw a huge opportunity to create something engaging and unexpected with the design of the bottle caps. I wanted to avoid cramming the whole logo into such a small space as ultimately this would have been ineffective. My suggestion was to crop areas of the logo, limiting it to two or three letters per cap. This resulted in Hobgoblin fans collecting the caps to get a full set - even selling the caps on eBay. The design has succeeded in creating a little delight and fuelled social media activity.