Da Vinci Kids

I was brought on board after the recent acquisition of the company by Macademia​, an EdTech business. Da Vinci Kids is a global subscription service for award-winning educational TV shows and games. Their content is designed to inspire and entertain children to expand their knowledge, building on what they learn at school.

The brand was looking outdated and confused, with no clearly defined style. My challenge was to revitalise the brand with a fresh contemporary look that made it easily recognisable, and broaden its appeal.

Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
UI Design

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Central to the concept was the huge range of categories their shows cover from science to space to sports. ​I illustrated this concept with the use of multiple textures that acted as supporting elements throughout its visual identity.

Nautilus segments taken from the logomark were adapted to contain show characters and photography.

Along with creating a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, I also designed a series of master templates for key collateral and presentations. I continued to work closely with the global design and app team, helping guide them ​in roll​ing out the new identity.

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